About MIRCA ™


Our mission, Management of Information, Risk and Business Continuity

Founded in 2010 by Bruno Hamon and Christophe d’Arcy, MIRCA ™ is an independent cabinet, specialised in risk management. We provide auditing, consulting and training, so you can face any type of incident.

Main services we usually provide:

  • Business Continuity Plans (BCP)
  • Information Security Management (ISM)
  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP)
  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Etc…

Our teams support organisations of 50 to 5000 people, in various industries. We are definitely business oriented, as business continuity needs are not the same, whether it addresses goods or services, new technologies or industry, depending on the number of sites, on your function…

Today, protecting our sensitive data remains a major issue. Information spreads faster and faster and without any limit, giving room for development to cybercrime.

For the last 7 years, MIRCA ™ has kept developing and offering to its clients and prospects a high quality expertise in terms of informational asset security. MIRCA ™ has supported them through complex matters regarding business continuity plans, crisis management, new threats for their information security, relying on the current best methods and standards.

Our main goal is to enable you to be competitive, to focus on a long-term policy, and to develop new markets relying on a solid organisation.

And for those who wonder, MIRCA TM is the French acronym for Management of Information Risk and Business Continuity.


Bruno Hamon

Co-founder – co-director of MIRCA ™

Christophe d’Arcy

Co-founder – co-director of MIRCA ™